Water Committees’ follow up tools (Makeni base)


For who ?


1.      Community training reporting: template to record general observation during each water committee training and framework to fill the template

Keep a factsheet on strengths and weaknesses of the community targeted
Animation team  Community training reporting template Community training reporting template guidelines
2.      Water Committee training form: template to formalise the water committee upon training completion

Have a record of the training for the Organisation but also for the community (2 copies)
Animation teamWater committees  WC Training Form_1 WC Training Form
3.      Water Committee follow up: framework to get updates in a community trained by the Organisation

Make effective a spot visit within a community
Animation team  Water Committee Follow up
4.      Communities follow up: general checking of the community before and after the first shot

Get a quick overview of the community’s organisation following Inter Aide’s intervention
Management team  Communities follow up guidelines
5.      Community members assessment: list of questions to interview community members out of the water committee

Make sure the water committee trained is having interactions with the community people and the purpose of this type of organisation is understood by everybody
Animation team and management team  Community members assessment_2
6.      Water Committee assessment: check list to evaluate the knowledge of the water committee’s members once the first shot has been done

Determine knowledge retention and plan a refreshing training if necessary
Animation team  Water Committee assessment