General articles

  • Access to safe water in rural areas of Sierra Leone, different solutions for different situations…
  • Legal frame in Sierra Leonea description of the legal frame and the current policies regulating the water sector in rural areas of the country
  • Water wells and hand-pump systems:
    a general presentation of hand-dug wells, boreholes and of the different parts of a hand-pump
  • Seasonal wells
    understanding one of the main causes of wells’ drying in Sierra Leone, through an analysis of a water table movements.
  • Developing communities through women and water
    a small paper giving some clues to increase women’s participation for decisions related to the management and maintenance of a collective good, the water supply infrastructure
  • The Water Committee
    a presentation of the role of the Water Committee members and a participative method for their training
  • Survey on access to safe water in 3 districts
    presentation of the results of a survey conducted end of 2010 assessing the condition of 2.854 water-supply infrastructures in Bo, Koinadugu andTonkolili







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