Ethiopia - WASH

8 programs
16,093 beneficiary families in 2021


Access to safe drinking water, sanitation and maintenance services is improved by a sustainable involvement and organization of users and institutional actors.

Intervention areas, South region

Zones / woredas (ou districts)

  • Gamo Gofa : Daramalo
  • Kembatta Tembaro: Kacha Bira, Hadero
  • Wolayta: Damot Sore, Damot Gale, Ofa, Kindo Didaye
  • Dawro: Loma, Gena, Mareka, Torcha, Boloso Sore et Boloso Bombe

These districts are in mountainous areas with difficult access, and a high population density (300 to 600 inhab. / km²).


  • Partnering with Health Extension Workers to raise family awareness of improved hygiene and sanitation practices through the dissemination of key messages on water transportation, water conservation, use of latrines and handwashing.
  • Construction of hydraulic structures: source catchments and gravity feedings (free-flow systems) equipped with fountains, wash houses and drinking troughs (of capital importance in these pastoral areas). Some works serve nearly 10,000 users.
  • Training of user associations for the hydraulic structures management (routine maintenance, organization and monitoring of contributions for maintenance costs, etc…).
  • Methodological support to federations responsible for the supervision of associations:
    • training in the organization of regular diagnosis visits enabling a preventive maintenance approach, and in the follow-up of associations to ensure the implementation of recommendations,
    • administrative and financial organization,
    • liaison with institutional authorities such as water offices.


  • RCBDIA (Rural Community Based Development Initiative Association).
  • Water user Federations, Water Boards, Hydraulic agents, users associations, Health extension workers, Micro Finance institutions and private builders involved in the projects.

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