Inter Aide is in Haïti since 1983

Population: 11 millions
HDI: 170/189
Under poverty line: 58%
GDP/Inhab: 1,272 $
Life expectancy: 64 years old

Inter Aide is currently carrying out 7 programs in Haïti in the following fields:

  • WASH program: raising awareness on sanitation and hygiene practices, building latrines, improving water quality by creating new water catchments and by encouraging the chlorination of home water;
  • Education: schooling multi-level support (construction of schools, training of teachers, etc.)
  • Agriculture: support to small farmers to increase and diversify their crops, fight against deforestation, animal vaccination.

In 2021, 8,784 families were supported by these actions.

The current areas of intervention are located in the following isolated rural areas:

  • Central region: townships of Boucan Carré, Thomonde, Hinche and Cerca-la-Source
  • Southern region: Côtes de fer
  • Western region: Grand Goave and Delatte
  • Artibonite region: Verrettes

Inter Aide collaborates (or has collaborated) with 3 local partners:

  • Concert Action
  • OKPK

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