Haiti - Agriculture

1 pilot program launched in 2017


This pilot programme should allow, through the support of farmers families, to test different options that would enable the most vulnerable farmers to increase their resilience capacity. They are exposed to multiple and reccurent risks (land access, low productivity of soils, cattle mortality) that make really difficult the improvement of their living conditions and their food security.

The programme intends to:

  • increase and diversify crop productions in family gardens
  • launch a reforestation dynamic in the area
  • improve animal health

Intervention areas

Departement of the Centre, in the commune of Hinche, communal section of Juanaria.


Activity 1 : Increase diversity in farmers’ gardens, improve and secure harvests taking into consideration hunger season and periods when cash is needed

  1. Support the implementation of efficient and durable crops, as a preliminary condition to any intervention in the garden
  2. Facilitate diffusion of tubers
  3. Contribute to the improvement of maize and millet (pitimil) crops
  4. Price trees and in particular fruit trees
  5. Foster diversification of vegetable growing

Activity 2 : landscape the fields exposed to erosion by combining land conservation, improvement of the soil fertility, increase forest coverage and improve agriculture productions on the short term

  1. Test the landscaping of plots toward erosion, with “productives” structures
  2. Facilitate the introduction of wood species at the edge and/or among certains plots
  3. Test the set-up of plots all dedicated to wood production

Activity 3 : Developing services and solutions for the improvement of animal health

  1. Support the set up of services for vaccination
  2. Improve animal food and fumure
  3. Improve horses and mules saddles


The activities are conducted with family of farmers who are interested by such support and proactive for a collaboration, and emergents groups of farmers or already established ones. As for all Inter Aide’s programmes, the collaboration with local actors will be as much as developed than possible and local leaders, will be involved at each phase of the programme.

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