Ethiopia - Agriculture

6 programmes
19,145 beneficiary families in 2021


  • increasing and diversifying agricultural production so that families, including those in a precarious situation, can guarantee their food security
  • preserving land, soil fertility, biodiversity and, more generally, the environment, in order to maintain the productive capacities of family farms

Intervention areas

  • 3 areas in the southern region of Ethiopia (SNNPRS): Kembata-Tembaro; Wolayita (in partnership with the Ethiopian organization RCBDIA) and Hadiya.


  • Support the Iddirs (traditional groups) in implementing soil conservation measures (initial diagnosis, development planning, realization of vegetated anti-erosion structures, tool banks, propagation nursery for fodder plants, formation of peasant farmers … )
  • Train farmers in production techniques, fertility management and the use of forage species suitable for small-scale farms
  • Supervise farmers and farmer groups in setting up mechanisms for the conservation, selection and pre-breeding of seeds by facilitating access to quality seeds
  • Continue the search for innovative and adapted solutions in the fields of fertility, forage production and crop diversification
  • Helping families in extreme poverty restore diversified agricultural production over time, on their farm (fodder, tubers, restoration of the enset, legumes …).
  • Support the rehabilitation of degraded communal lands and contribute to providing additional economic resources to farmers while restoring environmental resources


  • Ethiopian NGO RCBDIA
  • ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute)
  • Ministry of Agriculture
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