Inter Aide is in Madagascar since 1994

Population: 26 millions
UNDP rank: 164/189
Under poverty line: 70%
GDP/inhab: 1,720$
Life expectancy: 66 years old

Inter Aide is currently carrying out 8 programmes in Madagascar in the following fields:

  • WASH: raising awareness about sanitation and hygiene, building gravity feeders and wells, and supporting the development of water management community services
  • Agriculture : supporting family farming
  • Health: reducing infant and child mortality

In 2021, 33,589 families were supported by these actions.

The current areas of intervention are located on the East coast and Southeast region of the country:

  • Vatovavy-Fitovinany (Agro/WASH/health): Manakara, Vohipeno and Mananjary districts
  • Atsimo-Atsinanana (Agro/WASH/health): Farafangana district
  • Analanjirofo (WASH): Vavatenina, Fénérive Est, Soaniarana Ivongo districts
  • Analamanga (WASH): Manjakandriana et Ambohidratrimo districts

These rural areas are densely populated and generally landlocked, and the primary needs of populations are high. The actions are carried out in response to local demand and in partnership with the authorities (in particular the rural villages and the decentralized services of the state), the farmers, the organizations of users, and the local population.

3 local partners:

  • Federasiona Fagnimbona – Inter Aide works with the Fagnimbona federation which teams up with the unions of local farmers (council, tool and seed bank, chains)
  • Tehyna– Since 2012 Inter Aide works with the local association Tehyna in the area of Manakara (south-east) to help the village councils set-up communal services of water, sanitation and hygiene.
  • SOAKOJA is a local NGO, created in 2019, which intervenes in the Analanjirofo region (Northeast), districts of Vavatenina and Fénérive to support rural communes in the monitoring and maintenance of water points.

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