Madagascar - Agriculture

1 programme
9,516 beneficiary families in 2021


Improve food security and diversify the production of rural families. Strengthen the organization of small producers through the structuring of agricultural sectors and services.

Intervention areas

  • Manakara, Vohipeno, and Mananjary districts (Vatovavy Fitovinany region)
  • Farafangana districts (Astimo Atsinanana region)


  • Individual support and advice
    • Farmer benefit from an agricultural advisory system focusing on intensification, development of rice crops, rainfed crops (legumes, tubers) and market gardening, as well as facilitated access to adapted plant material and tools in order to increase production
    • Very poor families benefit from specific support around innovative experiments (garden of case, yam and manioc basket compost, parcels grouped …).
  • Techniques dissemination
    • Families are the target of a broad dissemination of validated cultural techniques with the support of local actors (communes, peasant farmers, etc.)
  • Services and channels structuration
    • The Fagnimbogna federation members benefit from productive services (advice, access to inputs, productive projects, marketing, access to information, networking) through grass-roots groups, unions and cooperatives part of the Fagnimbogna network. They are potentially mobilized in the various sectors of production which will develop.
    • Individual producers are supported by specific production channels linked to national markets (pepper …).
  • Reforestation and silviculture: silvicultural groups are supported for the productive reforestation of degraded lands.


  • Farmers’ groups and unions
  • The Malagasy Federation Fanimbona and the cooperatives members of this network including the Finaritre coopérative
  • The SAHI NGO
  • The DRAE and local authorities
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