Haiti - Education

Support for primary schooling:
4 programs
4,882 beneficiary families in 2019

Support for primary schooling


Sustainably improve access to quality basic education by mobilizing parents, teachers and school principals.

Intervention areas

  • Hinche (Juanaria section), Cerca-la-Source (Lamielle section), and Côtes de Fer (Amazones et Bras de Gauche) townships


Each bearing cycle (six years) focuses on the structuring and formation of communities and, depending on the needs and level of community involvement, strengthening in sustainable facilities.

The main steps are as follows:

  • Training managers and parent committees: financial management (collection of tuition fees, estimated budgets and realized, cash management), equipment management, human resource management (support, monitoring and control of the work of masters).
  • Training of pre-school and basic level teachers (academic and pedagogical modules) and monitoring of reinvestment in the field
  • School equipment in textbooks, furniture and teaching materials
  • Rehabilitation or construction of classrooms
  • Parents awareness on their role in their children schooling (respect for the school calendar, payment of school fees, monitoring of school functioning)

Schooling revival

  • Transverse program to support the reconstruction of schools, over the 3 school programs
  • Sustainable improvement of the quality standards of the works undertaken by Inter Aide and its partner (Concert Action) by providing an expatriate engineer-trainer

Intervention areas

  • Hinche (section Juanaria), Cerca-la-Source (section Lamielle), and Côtes de Fer (Amazones et Bras de Gauche) townships


  • Define a viable rural development framework that meets earthquake and para-cyclonic standards,
  • Support the planning and monitoring of construction sites,
  • Evaluate the training needs of masons, foremen and Haitian engineers of local teams of the applicant and partners,
  • Conduct training and post-training follow-ups,
  • Facilitate exchanges between actions and capitalize on the most efficient methods,
  • Support local partners in their organization,
  • Participate in coordination meetings related to the topics addressed.

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