Main principles on household water chlorination

HHWTWater treatment at the household level ensures that the family is in charge of the safety of their own drinking water. In communities where there is no access to an improved water point or hand pump facility, household water treatment (HHWT) provides an interesting solution for families to reduce diarrheal disease. HHWT represents an affordable solution and easy to implement in small villages, providing that the training is done thoroughly.

 This document comes back on an experience conducted for more than 2 years in several small villages of the north part of Bombali District. It gives some clues on the approach followed by the project to implement HHWT: the methods to sensitize and train the community, the way to determine the good dosage, the setup of a store supply chain, and also a description of remaining bottlenecks that need to be addressed. View pdf: HHWT