Crédit photo : Lucie Carlier

Our teams


Inter Aide carries out its core actions in 7 countries, in clearly defined intervention areas. The organization is structured entirely around the implementation of the programs on the ground, to ensure results for the beneficiaries and to allow for a rigorous follow-up.

About fifty program managers are field-based. They are directly involved in the implementation of programs, with a local team, local partners and local committees. They are in charge of determining the direction that projects should take, of deciding which standard operating measures should be implemented, and they enjoy a high degree of autonomy to do so. They are responsible for all the components of the project: the operational strategy, planning and monitoring of activities, administrative and financial management, logistics, etc… Program managers are expatriate or locally recruited professionals (hydraulic engineers, agronomists, doctors, nurses, educators and managers). They choose to use their expertise to help poor families over a period of at least two years, in difficult but particularly interesting and often very rewarding conditions.

Around twenty people work in support role at the headquarters and they visit the projects frequently:

  • Sector heads, each responsible for defining the strategy and coordinating a group of projects. They are often former program managers and divide their time between fieldwork (1/3 of their time at a minimum) and work at the headquarters. They provide technical support to program managers, support with follow-up and assessment, and also help facilitate the relationship with partners and local authorities. They also help them keep a coherent line of action at every stage of a project’s development.
  • Finance managers support program managers and sector heads in tracking expenditures and managing funds.
  • A support platform dedicated entirely to program monitoring: management of staff and recruitment, fundraising and monitoring relationship with financial partners, internal control and accounting, secretariat and general management, capitalization and management of the “Pratiques” network.

The Supervisory Board ensures that Inter Aide’s guiding principles are complied with. Supervisory Board members meet twice a year (including once at the General Meeting) to that effect.