Our Program

Inter Aide Child Health Programs are joint initiatives between Inter Aide, the Ministry of Health and Traditional Authorities. The program operates in two regions of Malawi: Phalombe District in Southern Region and Lilongwe District in Central Region.

Our goal is to reduce the number of children under five years old, including neonates, who get sick or die from preventable diseases.

We plan to achieve this goal by increasing early diagnosis and treatment for common diseases, promoting prevention behaviours and improving maternity and family planning services.

Our approach focuses on working closely with local communities by utilising and supporting existing structures, such as village health committees and traditional authorities, to promote and embed behaviours that improve the health of under-5 children. Our results have shown that our approach is an effective way of facilitating positive health behaviour change in rural areas of Malawi.

triggeringAn Inter Aide facilitator conducts a community activity in Central Region