Community activities are an integral part of both Child Health Programs in Malawi. Activities are  being implemented in villages throughout the catchment areas and directly involve men, women, children and chiefs living in the local communities. The main objective of these activities is to improve health-related behaviours of parents in order to reduce morbidity and mortality amongst under-5 children.

These activities are being implemented in partnership with government outreach workers – called Health Surveillance Assistants (HSAs).

The key activities undertaken include:

  • Identifying and training Village Health Committees (VHCs)

  • Implementation and enforcement  of local by-laws

  • Supporting training and provision of Community Based Maternal and Neonatal Health (CBMNH or CBMNC)

  • Community triggering (mass sensitization sessions)

  • House by house counselling visits and follow-up

  • Door to door survey to monitor recommanded practices uptake


Triggering session, or mass sensitization, in a village

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