Nambazo Health Centre Catchment Area: Key Indicator Results

To view results maps for the Nambazo Health Centre catchment area click on the ‘Map’ links below:

Nambazo Area Indicators Baseline Result
June 2015
Latest Result
Mar 2018
Percentage of households with their own latrine (not shared) 34% 79% Map
Percentage of households with a hand washing facility 4% 34% Map
Percentage of households with at least one hanging bed net 70% 70% Map
Percentage of sick under 5 children taken to a health facility within 24 hours 51% 60%  Map
Percentage of women using a long term method of family planning* 23% 41%  Map
Percentage of women who delivered at a Health Facility** 87% 66%  Map
Percentage of husbands who attended at least one antenatal visit*** 42% 88%  –
Percentage of women attending postnatal care with 2 weeks of birth 72% 50%  –
* Excluding women who are pregnant, want another child now or are beyond child bearing age.
** Of women who delivered in the last 12 months.
*** Of men whose wife delivered in the last 12 months and attended at least 1 antenatal visit.