Phalombe District (Southern Region)

Catchment Area

The Southern Region Child Health Program is currently implementing a project in the catchment area of Nambazo Health Centre, which is a rural government Health Centre in Phalombe district.

We chose this area because it has:

  • Significant needs, particularly for child health.
  • High population density, allowing us to reach a large number of people with fewer resources.
  • A stable government and security situation, allowing for the implementation of a long term program.


A compliance survey conducted in June 2015 by Inter Aide staff members measured the population of this catchment area.

Villages 88
Households 8,496
Population 44,609
Children under 5 years 10,224


The following map shows the location of the Inter Aide catchment area and government offices:

View Inter Aide Child Health Central Region Location in a full screen map