Photo: An Inter Aide enumerator conducting a household survey in the Nambazo Health Centre catchment area

Between February 16th and March 6th, the Phalombe  Child Health program, which is based in the Southern Region of Malawi, conducted a baseline survey. This is the first major activity in the new catchment area of Nambazo Health Centre and will be used to identify the key health issues within the region.

The baseline survey was initially delayed by flooding in the region which caused severe damage to houses and roads (below), displacing many people.

house flooded

The survey covered 1000 households in total: 500 within the catchment area of Nambazo Health Centre and 250 in 2 other regions within Phalombe District that will be used as control areas. The data from the survey will be used to compile a report that will be the basis for activities conducted within the area by Inter Aide and its project partners.