Inter Aide in Haïti since 1983

Population: 11 millions
UNDP rank: 169/189
Under poverty line: 25%
GDP/hab: $ 1 653
Life expectancy: 64 years

Inter Aide is currently carrying out 8 programs in Haïti in the following fields:

  • WASH program: raising awareness about sanitation and hygiene and building latrines, and improving the water quality by creating new water catchments and encouraging the chlorination of home water.
  • Education: Support for schooling.
  • Launch in 2017 of a pilot program in Agriculture

In 2019, 2,561 families were supported by these actions.

The current areas of intervention are located in the following isolated rural areas:

  • Central region: Townships of Boucan Carré, Thomonde, Hinche, Cerca-la-Tour
  • Southern region: “Côtes de fer”

3 local partners

  • Concert Action
  • OKPK

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