Programme Director « Water point maintenance services – social entrepreneurship »

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Position based in Lilongwe (with frequent travels to Central and Southern Regions)


Inter Aide has been working in Malawi for more than 25 years and currently runs 9 programmes in rural areas in the field of community health, agriculture, access to water and maintenance of water points. For more than 15 years, the association has been developing water point maintenance services to enable rural populations to maintain their equipment (mainly wells and boreholes equipped with hand pumps). These actions were first carried out within Water-Hygiene-Sanitation projects, and then extended to a larger scale within the framework of specific maintenance projects.

These water point maintenance projects are based on three components:

  • Setting-up, strengthening and expansion of a network of freelance local mechanics, providing water point maintenance services to rural communities.
  • Establishment, structuring and extension of a network of pump spare-part private retailers.
  • Empowerment of networks through the involvement of public water departments (monitoring and support of partner mechanics) and local private operators (sustainability of the spare-part supply chain).

In parallel, Inter Aide has gradually delegated part of its projects and their funding to the local NGO BASEDA, historical partner in Malawi (in terms of access to water but also in other areas). At present, the existing maintenance services cover 15 Districts (out of 28 in the country), divided into 4 projects:

  • BASEDA Centre project: implemented in 3 Districts of the Central region: Lilongwe, Dedza and Ntcheu;
  • BASEDA South Project: implemented in 5 Districts of the Southern region: Zomba, Chiradzulu, Mulanje, Machinga and Thyolo;
  • Inter Aide Centre project: implemented in 6 Districts in the Central region: Dowa, Mchinji, Salima, Kasungu, Ntchisi and Nkhotakota ;
  • Inter Aide South project: implemented in the Phalombe District located in the Southern region, in which Water, Hygiene and Sanitation activities are also carried out.

The projects carried out by BASEDA are supervised by 2 Malawian Programme Managers (based in Zomba and Lilongwe), under the responsibility of the Director of the local NGO. Inter Aide South project is supervised by a couple of expatriate Programme Managers (based in Phalombe). For Inter Aide Centre project, a process is underway to transfer responsibilities from an expatriate Manager (based in Lilongwe) to a Malawian Manager (based in Dowa).

As part of an evolution of position, Inter Aide is currently looking for a Programme Director to ensure the coordination and overall supervision of water point maintenance activities in Malawi.


The Programme Director will be responsible for the technical coordination, overall supervision and representation of Inter Aide and BASEDA (Central and Southern Regions) water point maintenance projects.

Its main responsibilities will be as follows:

Technical coordination and transversal monitoring and evaluation (about 40% of working time):

  • Develop a common strategy for all Inter Aide and BASEDA water point maintenance projects (definition of guidelines and key strategic points), particularly in the oldest intervention districts (takeover of services by local actors, exit strategy).
  • Finalise the definition of a monitoring and evaluation system common to all water point maintenance projects (indicators, tools, data collection, compilation and analysis) and supervise its implementation in the field.
  • Support the effective use of the monitoring and evaluation system by projects, allowing quality harmonised feedbacks and reporting (to other stakeholders and Inter Aide headquarters).

Overall support and supervision of projects and the NGO BASEDA (about 40% of working time):

  • Finalise the process of transferring responsibilities from the expatriate Manager of the Inter Aide Centre project to a Malawian Manager.
  • Support the local Managers of BASEDA and Inter Aide in the implementation of activities and the management of their projects. Co-decide with them (and the Director of BASEDA) the main operational, budgetary and human resources management aspects.
  • Monitor the proper management of financial and material resources for BASEDA and Inter Aide Centre projects (by taking part in budget follow-up, monthly fund requests and internal audits), and verify consistency between projects.
  • Participate in the transversal support of the NGO BASEDA (organisational, administrative and HR aspects).

Representation/visibility (about 20% of working time):

  • Ensure a good relationship and represent maintenance projects with local other stakeholders: Ministries, international institutions, other NGOs, platforms.
  • Promote the consideration of existing maintenance services within local policies and other programmes (in particular to avoid their duplication in areas already covered and the implementation of short-term strategies).
  • Seek and monitor possible local funding opportunities.

The Programme Director will be under the supervision of the Area Manager based in France. He/she will have under his/her responsibility the local Manager of the Inter Aide Centre project, and will co-decide with the Director of the local NGO on the main decisions concerning BASEDA projects. He/she will work closely with the expatriate Managers of the Inter Aide South Project.


  • Higher training in a relevant field: Water & Sanitation, rural development, project management in developing countries, social entrepreneurship etc.
  • 2/3 years of prior experience in project management in developing countries
  • Experience in training and strengthening of local partners (pedagogy and delegation capacity)
  • Ability to collaborate with institutions (diplomacy)
  • Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation tools and database
  • Fluent English (French also appreciated)
  • Autonomy, methodological rigor, mobility/flexibility, field oriented
  • Driving license


  • 2 years contract minimum
  • Between 1200€ and 1300€ net monthly salary + field allowance
  • Full health insurance + repatriation insurance
  • 1 round trip flight at the beginning and the end of the mission + 1 round trip flight per year
  • Possibility of departure in couple

Position to be filled at the beginning of March 2020

Applications will be selected as they are received.

Please send your application (CV + LM ), under reference MAL/MTCE/LIL to