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Districts of Karene, Bombali, Tonkolili and Port Loko. Position based in Makeni, Bombali.


A survey on the functionality of water-supply systems equipped with manual hand pumps (boreholes and hand dug wells), conducted in late 2010 by Inter Aide and covering more than a third of the country, showed that only 34 % provide water continuously throughout the year. The main causes are related to well design problems (almost 50% are seasonal), construction sites handing over, a lack of spare parts access and maintenance services, as well as a lack of a proper training and sensitization of communities on how  to manage their facilities.

Based on the experience developed by the WASH project since 2007 in Northern Bombali District, Inter Aide has gradually expanded the activities devoted to the maintenance of existing structures to the entire district. IA has initiated a similar intervention in Tonkolili District in 2017 and in Port Loko District in 2019.

The “Yearly Preventive Maintenance of Hand Pumps” program directly contributes to the sustainability of access to safe drinking water in rural areas, in every Chiefdoms of targeted districts. The program is based on the following aspects:

  • To sensitize communities on the notion of service (to understand how a hand pump works, the needs for regular maintenance and access to spare parts, costs and organization …); Helping communities who wish (and are willing to invest in their water facility) to restore damaged hand pumps; Then to encourage these communities to enter into a strategy of « Yearly Preventive Maintenance (YPMS) » that significantly reduces the risk of breakdowns;
  • To advocate to key stakeholders (religious leaders, local authorities, associative and economic operators …) in order to gain their support in the expansion of prevention messages;
  • To create and monitor a network of Pump Technicians certified by the District Water Directorates from the Ministry of Water Resources, to provide maintenance services;
  • To support and build the capacities of the District Water Directorate thanks to sharing of expertise, implementation of technical standards, monitoring and evaluation of the hand pump network and water quality analysis, coordination, training of Pump Technicians…;
  • To contribute to the promotion of the “Yearly Preventive Maintenance Strategy” as a model of maintenance at national level;
  • To develop and insure an access to spare parts through a local proper supply chain;
  • To share experiences with local authorities, the Ministry of Water Resources and partners working in the field of WASH and maintenance in the districts of intervention and at national level;
  • To register and capitalize on good practices to develop the expertise of partners, as well as our own, in the field of Preventive Maintenance in Sierra Leone.

Inter Aide is today looking for a skilful person, committed and motivated, in charge of the implementation of the Yearly Preventive Maintenance program in Bombali, Karene, Tonkolili and Port Loko districts, and expand on an adjacent district. The person will also be in charge of the Household Water Treatment Component.


The Program Manager main tasks will be to ensure the implementation, coordination and sustainability of the YPMS in the four districts of intervention, as well as the expansion and diffusion of the model. He / she will be based in Makeni and have frequent trips in the different areas of intervention, as well as in the capital. He / she will report directly to the Head of Sector based in Versailles. The main responsibilities of the Program Manager will be as following:

1) Supporting the Assistant Program Managers and their teams to manage and implement the YPMS activities

  • To raise the awareness in the communities, using various means of information, in order to help the understanding of preventive maintenance by the community ; strengthen the capacities of the Water committees to organize a collection of money contributions, the follow-up of interventions on the hand pump and to give report to the villagers;
  • To mobilize the major stakeholders of local authorities, get their support in promoting the “Yearly Preventive Maintenance Strategy” and support them in implementing local by-laws regarding hand pump maintenance;
  • To follow, monitor and evaluate the local networks of Pump Technicians in charge of the maintenance and repair of the four districts of intervention;
  • To organize and follow the Yearly Preventive Maintenance Campaign, and improve its operation;
  • To develop the spare parts of hand pumps supply chain through small local businesses and ensure of its sustainability by involving national suppliers;
  • To monitor and evaluate the program as a whole (data collection, monitoring and analysis of the activities, quantitative and qualitative results according to specific indicators);
  • To gradually expand the project in the four districts of intervention and probably others in the future.

2) Capacity building and management of the local team

  • To supervise and train a team of approximately 25 people (2 assistant program managers, 4 supervisors, 4 technical facilitators, 14 field facilitators…);
  • To support and train the two Sierra Leonean assistant program managers in order to be fully in charge in the future;
  • In collaboration with IA-SL Administrative Department, in charge of the management of human resources of the team and of working contracts complying with local legislation in place.
  • In collaboration with IA-SL Logistic Departments, in charge of the management of all logistic aspects of the program (respect of donor procedures, purchase plans and procurements, stock and assets tracking, vehicle fleet management, safety and security of IA assets and premises)

3) Structuring of local stakeholders:

  • To work on how to spread key messages to Water Committees, on management and maintenance of the water supply facilities;
  • To involve the local authorities in the Yearly Preventive Maintenance Strategy in order to improve the rate of maintenance in their area;
  • To actively and effectively collaborate with the District Councils, the District Water Directorates and the Ministry of Water of Resources in the implementation of the Yearly Preventive Maintenance model;
  • To support the institutions : initiate a step-by-step handing over to the Water Directorates ; provide the expertise and share experience of the Yearly Preventive Maintenance Strategy to the Ministry of Water Resources.

4) Advocacy, coordination, promotion and diffusion of the Yearly Preventive Maintenance Strategy

  • To contribute, in collaboration with the WASH Knowledge Management Coordinator and thanks to punctual surveys and studies as well as the data analysis, to the effort of knowledge gathering and sharing of experiences in the sector of maintenance.
  • To coordinate the implementation of actions with local partners and other stakeholders (decentralized public services of the government, international and local NGOs …);
  • To continue the process of creating and animating a working group composed of various stakeholders (decentralized public services of the government, ministry staff, international and local NGOs…) on the maintenance topic: share experiences, coordinate the actions and area of interventions, organize advocacy on maintenance…
  • To advocate at national level (Ministry of Water Resources in Freetown) for the Yearly Preventive Maintenance Strategy and the review of new WASH national guidelines and policies including maintenance.
  • To support the Ministry to develop a national strategy on maintenance by bringing technical support, capacity building and expertise;
  • Continuously analyse and evaluate the performances of the YPMS in order to improve its implementation, insure its sustainability and ease its handing over to local stakeholders.

5) Management of the Household Water Treatment Component in Port Loko and Tonkolili Districts

In addition to the Maintenance program, the Program Manager will also be in charge of the overall supervision of the Household Water Treatment Component that is targeting small communities which are not benefiting any water supply facilities. For these villages, IA-SL enables a sustainable system of water chlorination, based on money contribution of the communities and on a bleach supply chain to get access to chlorine. The main responsibilities of the Program Manager related to this program are as followed:

  • To follow the activities with the support of the supervisors;
  • Supervise and capacitate the team;
  • To work on the program’s strategy in order to adapt it to the beneficiaries’ needs;
  • To represent the program and advocate in front of institutions and local authorities.

6) Financial, administrative and logistics management and Program Representation

  • To organize and supervise the program’s logistics according to the activities;
  • To ensure the operational and financial reporting of the programs in collaboration with the headquarters in France (English written narrative reports, project accountancy and supervision of the expenditures, monthly and quarterly fund requests);
  • To manage the programs’ financial, assets and logistic resources;
  • To manage the logistics and administrative aspects of the programs, in coordination with the other Program Managers of Inter Aide Sierra Leone, Logistic and Administrative Departments;
  • To participate to the operation of the three bases in collaboration with the liaison and administrative officer, the other program managers, the logistics department and the administrative department;
  • To represent the programs in front of local authorities, institutions, partners and donors.


  • Advanced education in a relevant topic (project management, logistics, hydraulics, social water management…);
  • 2 years work experience;
  • Experience in developing countries appreciated;
  • Experience in project management required;
  • Team management experience will be highly appreciated;
  • Knowledge of animation and training techniques;
  • Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation tools;
  • Basic IT skills and experience in database management (excel & access)


  • Strong relational and negotiation skills and great interpersonal skills: calm, diplomacy, self-control, respect for values and cultural differences;
  • Field oriented (able to cope with rough field conditions), tenacity, autonomy and dynamism;
  • Rigor, good organizational skills, coaching ability, analytical skills;
  • Demonstrate pragmatism and ability to cope with a heavy workload;
  • Fluent English (including writing skills);
  • Fluent French speaker would be appreciated;
  • Car driving licence / Off-road Motorbike riding skills is a big +


  • Commitment of 2 years minimum
  • Pay + field allowance
  • Full social insurance + repatriation insurance
  • 1 round flight beginning and end of mission + 1 annual round flight
  • Possibility of departure as a couple


Position to be filled as soon as possible – ideal start of mission early September 2019

The selection of applications will be done as and when they are received.

Thank you to send CV + LM under reference SL/YPMS/MAK to