Program Manager for Community Health Program

By 13 novembre 2020Emploi

 Based in Mozambique

(Districts of Monapo and Nacala-a-Velha / Province of Nampula)


Inter Aide has been working in Mozambique since 2004. A Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) programme aimed at reducing diarrhoeal diseases among children was first conducted in the district of Nacala-a-Velha. From the end of 2012, community health actions were initiated, the hygiene and sanitation components has been progressively complemented by actions to fight against malaria (first cause of death among children in the area). At the same time, the construction of protected water points has gradually decreased, as most of the needs have been covered. Since 2017, the project has been moved to the Monapo district and has evolved towards a comprehensive public health strategy based on a community awareness approach and a strengthening of the health system.

This community health programme, which aims to improve the health of young children and women, is based on the following axes:

  • Informing families about the main pathologies and health problems (malaria, diarrhoea, pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care), including prevention measures, through participatory awareness sessions adapted to a poorly educated population. Support in the implementation of recommended practices (such as latrine construction).
  • The transfer of skills to community groups and leaders, mainly village health committees, to advise and assist families in changing behaviours, and to ensure continuous and personalised follow-up in the communities (especially for pregnant women).
  • Mobilisation of health actors at all levels (community health workers, health center staff, district health services, etc.) with the aim of establishing an effective care system, allowing access to diagnosis, treatment and prevention services in rural areas.

Some activities in support of the health system in Nacala-a-Velha (where Inter Aide’s main office is located) are still being implemented at the moment.

Inter Aide is looking for an experienced person to replace the current Programme Manager, who will leave in January 2021.


The Health Programme Manager will be based in Nacala-a-Velha or Monapo and will be responsible for project management, evaluation and development in Monapo. He/she will be under the supervision of the Head of Sector based in France.

In this capacity, the Programme Manager will be responsible for:

  • ensuring the coherence and relevance of the strategy and activities defined in response to the needs identified.
  • the practical implementation of these activities (including the drafting of manuals and the development of adapted tools) and their supervision.
  • the development and implementation of a reliable and relevant monitoring-evaluation system, including ad hoc surveys (development of protocols, implementation and analysis) enabling the impact of the programme to be assessed.
  • developing collaboration with authorities (especially health authorities) and other local actors at district and provincial level.
  • supervision, evaluation and reinforcement of the local team (about 23 people): coordinator, supervisors, field workers, driver-logistician, guards, etc.
  • the logistical coordination and proper management of the programme’s financial and material resources (compliance with existing procedures and support for internal audit).
  • carrying out the administrative procedures necessary for the smooth running of the project
  • financial and operational reporting to the Area Manager and the Administrative and Finance Manager based in France (monthly accounts and regular activity reports).
  • to participate in the reflection on the programme strategy (definition of the main lines of action, improvement of methodological approaches and contents, identification of local operational partnership possibilities, transfer of competences…) and its geographical deployment (identification of future areas of intervention).

As part of his/her duties, the Programme Manager will be required to make frequent trips to villages in the intervention zone as well as to other districts of the country (exchange visits, surveys).


  • Health-related training required (medical or paramedical, master’s degree in public health, etc.).
  • Previous experience in project/programme management in developing countries required
  • Strong pedagogical, training and team-building skills
  • Organisational and delegation skills
  • Basic command of statistics
  • Methodological rigour, patience, diplomacy, tenacity and autonomy
  • Proven taste for the field (many trips to the targeted villages)
  • Resistance to social and cultural isolation
  • Great autonomy in the work and a pronounced taste for the field
  • Fluent English or French essential
  • Mastery of Portuguese desired


  • VSI status of 24 months renewable
  • Compensation of €1,270 net monthly + land allowance
  • Full social security cover + repatriation insurance
  • 1 round flight ticket at the beginning and end of the mission + 1 annual round flight ticket
  • Possibility of departure as a couple

Position to be filled at the beginning of January 2021

Files will be processed as they are received.

Please send a letter of motivation + C.V. under reference « SANTE/MZBQ/2021« .


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