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Inter Aide is a French NGO specialized in the implementation of development programs for particularly poor families. Since its establishment in 1980, Inter Aide intervenes in the sectors of water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), agriculture, health and education (

Inter Aide works in the Northern Region of Sierra Leone since 2007 implementing WASH and agriculture programmes (

In rural areas, even today an important part of the population of Sierra Leone still does not have access to safe drinking water. Conditions are difficult in remote areas, particularly in small villages that are seldom eligible or prioritized by NGOs or the government for the construction of a well. In response to these needs, Inter Aide has developed several solutions that integrate:

  • A program of construction of new water points or complete rehabilitation of existing wells that cannot be repaired, and promotion of latrine use;
  • An extensive maintenance program for hand pumps;
  • A program of water chlorination (Household Water Treatment – HHWT) mainly for these small villages without wells or boreholes. It involves both training villagers in the use of chlorine solutions, helping them organize themselves to anticipate and pay for chlorine, and establishing a sustainable supply chain for access to bleach.

Up to now, this last activity was only a small component that was integrated into both the construction project and the maintenance project. Given the positive results that have been obtained (almost 250 villages corresponding to 15.000 people that have adopted the use of chlorination since 2011) and the large adoption rate (95% of the villages are still treating their drinking water), and the potential for dissemination of these solutions, Inter Aide would like the HHWT to be a project in itself and scale it up over a wider territory (aiming to cover 4 districts) but also to raise awareness and share these experience (solutions and methodology) with the local institutions and other actors involved in the field of water in SL.

In this direction, Inter Aide is recruiting a Support Officer for a one-year mission, with both a good understanding of this type of issue (water / community health profile) and good management skills (project and team, and representation).



  • Team management

Training of the Sierra-Leonean counterpart who will progressively take over the management of the project

  • Development of adapted and standardized teaching materials

For the activity implementation as well as for monitoring and evaluation purpose (team planning, reporting …)

  • Diagnosis on the organization and management of data

One of the key issues is to get a global picture of all villages in given territories (chiefdoms) and to consider and plan what solutions will allow a maximum coverage in terms of access to water. Interactions with the WASH project and the maintenance project will be necessary.

  • Advocacy for the promotion of IA HHWT strategy at district level

Promotion of HHWT to the stakeholders (District representations of the Ministry of Health and of the Ministry of Water Resources) for them to recognize HHWT as relevant solutions to be integrated in the local policies at the district level.

  • Support to the organization of the chlorine supply chain

So far, the monitoring of chlorine sales at retailers level is not efficient. The recruited person will propose a new set up for an efficient monitoring of the chlorine shops.



  • Either higher education in hydraulics (civil engineering, WASH engineer or equivalent BSc/MSc in WASH sector), or health education background with BSc/MSc in Health;
  • 2 years of professional experience,
  • Experience in developing countries appreciated;
  • Experience in project management appreciated;
  • Knowledge of animation and training techniques;
  • Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation tools;


  • Field oriented, tenacity and autonomy;
  • Able to cope with rough field conditions (heat, degraded feeder roads, basic field settlement);
  • Rigor, good organizational skills, coaching ability, analytical skills;
  • Great interpersonal skills: calm, diplomacy, self-control, respect for values and cultural differences;
  • Able to negotiate, compromise, manage work frustrations;
  • Demonstrate pragmatism and ability to cope with a heavy workload;
  • Comfortable to leave in remote areas , resistance to isolation;
  • Fluent English (including writing skills in English);
  • Fluent French speaker would be appreciated;
  • Car driving licence;
  • Off-road Motorbike riding skills is a big +



  • VSI status
  • Duration : 12 months
  • VSI allowance : 1250€per month + field allowance
  • Complete social insurance + repatriation insurance
  • Round trip flight at the beginning / end of mission + round trip flight per year


Position to be filled in May 2019

The selection of the files will be done as and when they are received.

Applications with a CV of more than 2 pages will not be studied.

Thank you for sending CV + LM under ref SL/WASH/HHWT19 at