Agricultural development project manager

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Position based in Sierra Leone (Kamakwie – district of Karene)


Inter Aide agricultural development program is implemented since 2007 in the Northern Region of Sierra Leone, in the districts of Bombali and Karene. It aims at improving food security and farmers resilience through increase and diversification of the agricultural productions. Technical solutions are long term validated and the current challenge is the scale up of the activities in order to reach more farmers. Inter Aide SL has 2 bases : one situated in Makeni targets the district of Bombali District while the other base situated in Kamakwie operates in Karene District. Activities in both districts are currently financed by EU.


The Project Manager will be based in Kamakwie and will manage project implementation as detailed below:

1. Team leader of Kamakwie agricultural team

  • Train and coach the Sierra Leonean assistant project manager. At the end of the mission, the assistant must be autonomous and assume the role and responsibilities of a project manager;
  • Supervise and manage the technical, administrative, financial and logistics aspects of your team;
  • Reinforce, train and continuously improve team skills and capacities;
  • Support the Sierra Leonean Agricultural Project Manager and the Assistants Program Managers based in Makeni especially on computer skills, monitoring/evaluation tools and reporting;
  • Ensure the respect of the internal rules of IA and the security of the organization and its premises.

2. Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the project

  • Ensure the relevance, the consistency, the quality and the efficiency of the activities implemented;
  • Design and implement large scale diffusion mechanisms for activities whose relevance has been demonstrated: agricultural techniques (yam and plantain multiplication, groundnut and okra diffusion, scale up of Adapted System of Rice Intensification, promotion of simple extraction system of palm oil), promotion of improved varieties (yams, sweet potatoes, rice, etc.), promotion of compost and fertility management;
  • Organize exchanges of experience between farmers and set up a network of referent farmers;
  • Continue experiments on innovative practices (onion seed production, irrigation scheme trials, market gardening and in particular support for the emergence of a local onion sector, the improvement of lowland rice paddy fields, fertility management, cattle conflict resolution, etc.);
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the activities and results, as well as the impact of these actions (collection and analysis of the corresponding indicators). It includes data collection form, process in the database, analysis of data and indicators, conclusion and recommendations;
  • Write activity report and narrative report for donors;
  • Supervision of internship and studies;
  • In collaboration with the headquarters team, participate in consider the overall evolution of the project regarding the strategy, the methodology, the content of the project (activities) and the geographical deployment of the project;
  • Capitalize experiences in collaboration with the headquarters team (Heads of sectors and the Agricultural Knowledge Manager);

3. Structuring local actors around the development of local market value chains

  • Identify, train and establish a network of specific stakeholders (peer farmers, farmer groups, institutional and private actors), particularly with regard to access to vegetable production and access to market;
  • For targeted activities, support the organization of farmers in groups that will benefit from specific training.
  • Strengthen “Good Heart Farmer Association” through:
    • Good governance promotion with clear responsibilities sharing and the emergence of new leaders;
    • Transparent accounting and presentation of financial report to members;
    • The organization of structuring activities and services: supply of inputs, technical support, collective marketing, access to campaign loan;
  • Develop the collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, district authorities, private sector, etc.;

4. Accounting, Financial Management and Project Representation

  • In collaboration with respective departments (Administration and Logistic), the Project Manager is responsible for the logistical and administrative management of the project (programming, purchase procedures, accounting documents, organization and inventory management, vehicle fleet, premises, etc.);
  • Operational and financial report of the project to the head office in France;
  • Develop and strengthen the partnership with the local authorities concerned (reports and meetings);
  • Represent the project to financial partners and with other partners working on the same sector;
  • Produce capitalization documents on the activities developed.


  • Agricultural engineer or equivalent BSc/MSc in Agriculture, with expertise in agricultural technical support and support to farmers’ organizations;
  • Minimum 2 years professional experience, some of which in developing countries;
  • Experience in project management appreciated;
  • Knowledge of animation and training techniques;
  • Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation tools;


  • Field oriented, tenacity and autonomy;
  • Able to cope with rough field conditions (heat, degraded feeder roads, basic field settlement);
  • Rigor, good organizational skills, coaching ability, analytical skills;
  • Great interpersonal skills: calm, diplomacy, self-control, respect for values and cultural differences;
  • Able to negotiate, compromise, manage work frustrations;
  • Demonstrate pragmatism and ability to cope with a heavy workload;
  • Comfortable to leave in remote areas , resistance to isolation;
  • Fluent English (including writing skills in English);
  • Fluent French speaker would be appreciated;
  • Car driving licence;
  • Off-road Motorbike riding skills is a big +


  • VSI contract – 18 months with possibility of renewal
  • 1250€ per month + field allowance
  • Complete social insurance + repatriation insurance
  • Round trip flight (beginning and end of mission) + 1 round trip flight midterm (around 9 months)
  • Possibility of departure in couple, with implication of the partner on the project


Position to be filled in May 2019

The selection of the files will be done as and when they are received.

Applications with a CV of more than 2 pages will not be studied.

Thank you for sending resume + cover letter under ref. SL/AGRO/2019 at