Inter Aide in Sierra Leone since 2007

Population: 7.6 millions
UNDP rank: 181/189
Under poverty line: 52%
GDP/hab: $ 1 390
Life expectancy: 52 years

Inter Aide is currently carrying out 6 programs in Sierra Leone in the following fields:

  • WASH program: Raising awareness about sanitation and hygiene, building and rehabilitating wells, promoting the chlorination of home water, developing networks for the maintenance of water points thanks to hand pump mechanics and networks of dealers in spare parts.
  • Health : fight against infant and child mortality.
  • Agriculture : supporting family farming and production lines.

In 2019, 29,869 families were supported by these actions.

The current areas of intervention are located in the District of Bombali and the outskirts of the cities of Kamakwie and Makeni. The District of Bombali is one of the most vulnerable in the country and is located relatively far from the main road axes. This situation is expected to improve significantly with the construction of an international road to Guinea.

The partners of our actions are mainly represented by the institutions: the “MAFFS” (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security) and the “MWR” (Ministry of Water Resources) and its local representations, the Water Directorates, as well as newly set up Organizations of Producers.

Sierra Leone – Agriculture

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Sierra Leone – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

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