Crédit photo : Lucie Carlier


Our guiding principles


The Inter Aide Charter, sets out our guiding principles very clearly. It was established in 1985 and remains unchanged:

  • To specialize in implementing development programs in response to clearly identified needs of beneficiaries,
  • To follow a pragmatic and professional approach to help families better meet their vital needs, and to guarantee our financial partners of the high-quality of the actions that are carried out,
  • To always seek to reach those poorest families close to the level of absolute poverty,
  • To do everything possible to ensure that the beneficiaries take ownership of the actions put in place to meet their vital needs, and avoid any assistance that could delay their this process by ensuring their participation through training and education, communities organization; and local partners development,
  • To act in strict confessional and political neutrality, and respect the beliefs of the beneficiaries,

Inter Aide is committed to sustaining these principles while also making sure that the methods evolve in a pragmatic way, taking into account the characteristics of each area of intervention.

Inter Aide’s actions also depend on the accountability of all stakeholders: the beneficiaries in the one hand, and the program managers, sector heads, and entire support platform (finance, HR, and relationship with donors) on the other hand.

In addition, Inter Aide has always encouraged the launch and empowerment of new organizations in Europe or in the areas of intervention, in order to increase the number of beneficiaries while still favoring moderately sized structures known for their energy and proximity to the ground. Applying this logic, urban projects were taken over by ATIA in 2008. ATIA carries out projects for economic and social development, access to micro-health insurance, as well as tuberculosis control in India, Madagascar, and Mozambique.