8 programs in 4 countries
27,037 beneficiary families in 2018


The key orientations of our health actions are the fight against major endemic diseases, the control of hydro – communicable diseases, reproductive health and the reduction of infant and child mortality (with strong results in Madagascar). We have developed specific strategies for each of these themes, each one of them focusing on finding ways of achieving complementarity between public and private health systems, on the simultaneous consideration of the supply and demand for care, and being constantly mindful of measuring results.

As regards the fight against infant and child mortality, Inter Aide was able to draw the conclusion that actions that focus on the main causes of mortality are much more effective than integrated approaches, as long as they meet two conditions:

  1. Extend the action of health systems through simplified care arrangements, delegated to village actors.
  2. Develop educational, communication or media content that repeat prevention messages and facilitate the conditioning of practices by mothers regarding preventing and curing childhood illnesses.

In practice, on the ground this means:

  • Continuing the extensive tuberculosis control efforts in India and Ethiopia and the prevention of AIDS in Malawi.
  • Repeating the particularly effective actions launched in Madagascar (and already taken up in Malawi and Mozambique) that combat infant and child mortality, in several other regions and countries. This should be done by targeting the mechanics of the relationship between the villagers and health systems.

Inter Aide added value:

⇒ Broaden the scope of competences that intermediary players have for the most deadly illnesses, in order to strengthen the effectiveness of health policies.

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