Inter Aide is looking for:

Program director “Water point maintenance program – social entrepreneurship”

Lilongwe, Malawi

Program director “Mother and Child health program”

District of Lilongwe, Malawi

Application for the positions listed above, as well as speculative / internship applications have to be sent to:

Being a Programme Manager (PM) with Inter Aide means:

– a Technical Expertise dedicated to concrete development programmes
– Managing all the aspects of a project: from needs identification and analysis, to the design and follow-up of the project, the team management, logistic issues, finance management, partnership coordination and reporting…
Autonomy and responsibilities: the PM is the only referent on the field, she/he is supported to take initiatives and to be proactive
A field mission: the PMs are where the needs are and are working closely with the beneficiaries
Adjustment to the local context: moral commitment for a minimum of two years
– Family or couple expatriation is possible
– Always looking for pragmatic and efficient options adapted to the beneficiaries’ needs

Consultancies for Inter Aide


External evaluation of Health programme in Madagascar and Malawi.
ToR (in french) to download.
Proposals have to be submitted before the 23rd of February 2020 to and  « EVAL/SANTE/INTERAIDE» as object.

Atia's job opportunities

Following Inter Aide’s mindset, ATIA specialised in the implementation of development programs in urban areas.

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