Photo: A community triggering held in a village in the catchment area of Maluwa Health Centre

Community activities are now under way in the catchment area of Maluwa Health Centre. Maluwa was selected in early 2015 to be the next area where Inter Aide’s Central Region Child Health program will operate. The Maluwa catchment area neighbours the catchment area of Katchale Health Centre, where Inter Aide has been working since the start of 2014. Maluwa Health Centre serves a population of over 18,000 people, of which 2,500 are under-5 children.

Maluwa Health Centre was selected based on the results of the Baseline Survey, which showed the area to have many similar health needs as Katchale. Maluwa Health Centre has nine Health Surveillance Assistancts (HSAs) who will work alongside Inter Aide Community Health Facilitators (CHFs) to train Village Health Committees, encourage the implementation of by-laws on healthy behaviours and conduct community triggerings on health topics such as latrines, hand washing and family planning.