Location of the partners’ shops selling bleach for HHWT in Bombali

End of 2016, there is 14 shops (mainly groceries or tailors) that can supply the hundred and above small communities that are getting safe drinking water thanks to chlorine, plus other communities who can’t get water from a well all through the year because the water point is getting dry during dry season months.

One community must not have to walk more than 20 km / 12 miles to reach the bleach shop.

map bleach sellers

Bleach storekeepers map

These shops are selling a 250 mL bottle 6 000 to 7 000 Leones, that they get at 5 000 Le from the reseller in Makeni (capital district), who get it himself in Freetown at 3 500 Le. It is produced in Sierra Leone (Inter Aide did a market survey to identify producers and to establish this supply chain).


See below an interview with one shop owner, Mr Kalabaty.

There is also a specific report on shops following an internal evaluation done in 2016.