A first feedback on the experience of promoting the use of green manure in highlands' farms of south Ethiopia


This document comes back on an ongoing experimentation conducted with and by farmers on the introduction of green manure as improved fallow before wheat or potatoes cropping. These trials are conducted in the highland farms of southern Ethiopia.

In theory, the use of green manure constitutes an interesting solution to produce organic material directly in the field, to maintain a vegetal cover during the dry season and improve the soil structure, and to provide a natural source of nitrogen in the soil, available for the next crop (mainly wheat). After 3 years of experience, the first observations are promising.

It is important to emphasize that the control of open grazing is a fundamental prerequisite for this practice. This is why this activity is deliberately carried out in areas where farmers already managed to control it, especially for the production of fodder on anti-erosive structures.

Other articles will complement these first results.