EnFaNCE Foundation Manila - Health Trainings 2004


EnFaNCE Manila Health TrainingsNote : The trainings are designed for the team of Field workers (=FC = Family Counselors)The Pulongs (= groups discussions) are designed for the beneficiairies of the Family Development Programme (FDP): the documents shown here are the "pulongs" guidelines for Family Counselors.- Tuberculosis Training + TB exam + TB pulong- Family Planning Training + FP exam- Family Planning pulong 1(meaning of FP)- Family Planning pulong 2 (FP methods)- Prenatal Care Training- Prenatal care pulong- Delivery & Post partum Care Pulong + illustrations- Children health : Common diseases & immunization Training- Children health : Common diseases & immunization Pulong- Pneumonia 2008FFU = Family follow-up - FC = Family Counselor - FDP = Family Development Program