Inter Aide in Ethiopia since 1988

Population: 105 millions
UNDP rank: 173/189
Under poverty line: 27%
GDP/hab: $ 1 730
Life expectancy: 66 years

Inter Aide is currently carrying out 14 programs in Ethiopia in the following fields:

  • WASH program: raising awareness about sanitation and hygiene, building gravity-fed water systems and supporting the development of water management community services (associations and federations of users)
  • Health: tuberculosis control and reproductive health
  • Agriculture: supporting family farming

In 2019, 13,653 families were supported by these actions.

The current areas of intervention are located in the south:

  • Gamo Gofa : Daramalo
  • Kembatta Tembaro: Kacha Bira, Hadero
  • Wolayta: Damot Sore,  Damot Gale, Ofa, Kindo Didaye
  • Dawro: Loma, Gena, Mareka, Torcha, Boloso Sore et Boloso Bombe

These districts are located in mountainous areas, where the population density is among the highest in rural Africa (average of 300 to 600 inhabitants / km²).

1 local partner: RCBDIA (Rural Community Based Development Initiative Association).

Inter Aide works with the local NGO “RCBDIA” to:

  • Help the most vulnerable families increase their agricultural production levels thanks to optimized farming practices, improved techniques and the diversification of production
  • Rehabilitate water points and support federations in managing and maintaining them

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