Ethiopia - Health

2 programs
1,100 beneficiary families in 2019

Program 1 :


  • Fight against tuberculosis: strengthen the health system capacity in order to increase the detection rate of new cases in isolated and vulnerable populations

Intervention areas

  • Gamo Gofa zones (South Région – SNNPRS)


  • Act on demand by facilitating access to diagnosis through the mobilization of government health workers for screening and information, and the opening of sputum collection sites in areas without laboratories
  • Improving the quality of the diagnostic offer by providing equipment to of rural laboratories and training to laboratory technicians
  • Advocate with health authorities to increase TB visibility and maintain institutional mobilization on the issue of screening

The number of beneficiaries mentioned refers only to TB patients who have been diagnosed and treated with the support of the project. Consideration should also be given to the 30,000 persons impacted by the outreach activities, and the hundreds of examinations carried out with the 35 microscopes provided by the project which also help in the diagnosis of pathologies other than tuberculosis.

Program 2 :


  • Reproductive health: Achieving sustained reduction in child and mother mortality by enhancing understanding of reproductive issues, contraceptive demand and care for women in vulnerable rural populations

Intervention areas

  • 3 districts in the Wolayta and Kembatta areas (Ethiopia South Région – SNNPRS)


  • The promotion of contraception and family planning plays an important role because it is one of the few health activities that combine three major development issues (child health, food security and statutory progress for women).
  • Facilitate access to a neutral and objective nurse on contraception and reproductive health with particular attention to young households
  • Strengthen the capacity of the public health service to provide expanded access to contraceptives and reproductive health advice


  • Ethiopian health ministry

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